About FarrierNearMe.com™

The Farrier Near Me service was started in 2018 to bridge the gap between horseowners and the farrier world. There are times when it can be very challenging to find a farrier near you that can service your equine needs. As horseowners we have experienced this when travelling, moving to a new area or your old farrier stops being reliable. Our team is committed to doing our best to help connect you with a farrier that services your area.

About Our Team

We have a very diversified group of team members that are very horse owner focused and we believe in trying to provide you with smooth and satisfying experience when you use our service.

Our Team Members Are:

  • Longtime Horse Owners
  • Rodeo Contestants
  • Certified Farriers

How it Works

Using our service is very simple! Anytime you need a farrier you just use the Click to Call button or the Email a Farrier form. When you call in you will speak to one of our team members, answer a few questions and we then transfer you straight to the farrier that best meets your requirements. At that point, you and the farrier will discuss the details, pricing, scheduling, etc.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us!


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